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- 2012 Festival Season -


The Tennessee Renaissance Festival - May 5,6 - 12,13 - 19,20 - 26,27,28 (Memorial Day)

The St. Louis Renaissance Festival - June 2,3 - 9,10

Wild Rose Renaissance Faire - June 16,17

The Great Lakes Medieval Faire - July 7,8 - 14,15 - August 4,5 - 11,12

The Kansas City Renaissance Festival - Sept 1,2,3 (Labor Day) - 8,9 - 15,16 - 22,23 - 29, 30;  Oct 6,7,8 - (Columbus Day) - 13,14

New News

* FINISHED!!!  Axel the Sot's NEW CD:  BOTTLED UP!


(click Title for info, sound clips & orders) CDs Axel's Stuff CDs (click Title for info, sound clips & orders)

* Bottled Up! August 2010
  Jokes, toasts, traditional and original songs, recorded from live shows and in the studio.
* Songs to Sing When You're Drunk!  May 2008
 An assortment of very naughty songs
* Back to the Sea  2005
A fine collection of Irish and English songs featuring a lineup of unexpected tunes and great guest musicians.



Tales from the Tavern The Best of Axel the Sot  2003
BEST SELLER! 74 minutes of Axel's best and most requested songs including the first ever LIVE CD recordings of:  By the Wayside, Roll Your Leg Over, 3 Whores from Winnipeg & Roll Me Over (in the Clover). 
KEGMAN the Musical  2002                                                                                  Feature Length 2-CD set featuring the Jolly Rogers & The Origin of KEGMAN
* KEGMAN 2001: A Drunken Odyssey 
65 minutes of more Naughty Songs and Offensive Comedy Sketches with 4 New KEGMAN episodes featuring:        the Jolly Rogers, and the long awaited original song, "Holden McGroin" 
* The Inebriated Adventures of KEGMAN Defender of the Pub!  1999                                    The one that started the whole KEGMAN phenomenon. This is the album you've been waiting your whole life for!  It's bawdy, it's rude, it's sick...You'll love it! Featured guest artists the Jolly Rogers join Axel for this recording! Includes Axel's hit song: Beer is Better Than Women!

One More for the Road!  1996
It's Naughty, Naughty Pub Show Time! This is 70 minutes of Axel's best songs and comedy, recorded LIVE at The Kansas City Renaissance Festival and The Great Lakes Medieval Faire.

* Favorite Pub Songs  1994
This album is a mix of traditional favorites and a few of Axel's original songs.
* KEELHAULER!  1993  Axel the Sot and Gibbon the Troubadour
Re-release of Axel and Gibbon's 1993 smash album!  A revival of such classic songs as: Itches in Me Britches,       The 5 Constipated Men of the Bible & The FART song. First time on CD!

Axel the Sot's original hit song, Beer is Better Than Women, has made the Doctor Demento Funny 5 list for the 5th time and appears on the 2003 Doctor Demento "Basement Tapes #11"  You can visit the Doctor Demento web site to find out how to join the fan club and request more airplay of Axel's songs.

And for your online reading pleasure... Axel's Mug

The Story of Axel
        All you ever wanted to know about your favorite drunken sailor.
        There once was a man from Nantucket...(Don't say we didn't warn you!)

      Here's to.... (I hope you have a drink at hand!)
Horse Sense script from a KEELHAULER CD sketch.
Axel's Daring Delights -- Strange dishes. Do you dare read them??

About the Artist Who is that masked man?
No Perfect Worlds -a short story by Scott Hendricks

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You can find even more examples of Axel's music in Cantaria, a library of traditional songs.

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