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A Chorus of Two consists of Florence Klecka (pronounced "kletch-ka") and  Monalee Kendall.  Florence and Monalee have been singing together for 4 years. They met  through the local Society for Creative Anachronism group. For the last 2 years they have been singing in local Renaissance Faires, at  the local Barnes and Noble Bookstore and in various coffee bars around South  Bend, IN.  They also perform at the Pennsic War and other events in the Kingdom of the  Midrealm (the Midwest).

Current recordings we have available:

  • A Dead Knight Trilogy cassette $10
  • Death, Doom, Destruction and Other Pleasant Things Cassette $10
  • Our Cups Runneth Over Cassette $10, CD $15

And coming soon, CD's for the first two recordings.

We are available for gigs in Chicago, Grand Rapids, Ft. Wayne, and Kalamazoo  and anything in between.  

You can send e-mail to both Monalee and Florence at:

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